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[1990s] Fender Jerry Donahue Signature Telecaster Crimson Transparent Cherry


1990s Fender Jerry Donahue Signature Telecaster in Crimson Transparent Cherry


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1990s Fender Jerry Donahue Signature Telecaster in Crimson Transparent Cherry.

This is a one-owner, all-original/unmodified Jerry Donahue MIJ Telecaster. These were made at the revered FujiGen plant. This is a pre-’97, as it has the ‘Made in Japan’ rather than ‘Crafted in Japan’ label. It is not a 1985/86 in spite of Fender’s own serial number explanations (A+6=1985). These guitars first arrived in 1992, so it’s somewhere between a ’92 and a ’96.

This is a signature Tele with a Strat neck pickup, custom wiring with a 5-way switch, and a gentle V neck shape which is quite comfortable.

Guitar is currently setup with 10-46s with an easy to play, fairly low action.

Here is a nice review with some details on the construction and the electronics setup, as well as an explanation of the serial number issue:

This guitar very near excellent condition. As with any used, older instrument, if you go looking, you will find a few things. There are some very small dings and nicks in the body, but none go through the finish to bare wood. Binding is intact. There are some swirls and surface scratches; the pickguard shows some play wear; no real buckle rash or worming to speak of.

The neck is nice and clean.

Hardware shows some tarnish, and a bit of pitting in the chrome in some areas, but nothing major. Minor corrosion and oxidation on pickups and bridge.

All electronics function as they are supposed to without issue.

This is an excerpt from the above review:

Back Position: bridge pickup (vintage type alnico) for the classic bright MIJ Tele sound.

‘Back In Between’: bridge and neck pickup together with a cap(acitor) ‘n’ phase generated approximation of the Strat ‘in between’ dual pickup tone. It was meant to do the ‘quack’ thing, but to my ears it had a synthetic quality and wasn’t greatly convincing.

Middle Position: bridge and neck pickup together in standard format.

‘Front In Between’: neck pickup routed through tone control.

Front Position: neck pickup on tone bypass.


Remember it’s a soft V, so this may seem a bit thicker than it really feels.

1st Fret: 0.942″
12th Fret: 0.953″

Weight: 7.93 lbs / 4.l kg


Includes a Fender Tele hardshell case.

Includes original ashtray cover.


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