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[2014] Gibson Les Paul R9 1959 Historic Custom Shop Lemonburst


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2014 Gibson Les Paul R9 1959 Historic Custom Shop in a beautiful, gloss lemonburst finish.

Amazing top! Flecks, mineral streaks, various grains, flame… This 2014 1959 Burst reissue has a nice resemblance to the Skinnerburst owned by Joe Bonamassa. Photos near the end show a nice A/B between them. This guitar looks and plays beautifully.

Very clean, lightly used example. Has a couple of very small dings (see last two photos: one is the size of a pickguard screwhead on the back, and the other is a small rash on the bottom side of the headstock by the nut), no worming, no scratches, no gouges. Small number of swirls on the back that are so faint and light you can barely see them, nevermind photograph them. Neck and fretboard are pristine. Guitar is gloss, not VOS.

All original.


1st Fret:.929″
12th Fret: 1.005′

Weight: 8.58 lbs / 3.89 kg


Guitar includes all case candy and original brown Lifton-style case.


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